I've always made stuff but in 2014 people started hiring me to draw portraits for them. I liked it but never thought about taking it any further. I've always had other employment and in 2015 I even started my own small-scale vegetable farm. I thought I would be more than content doing art on the side but I was wrong. The farm business went well until the end of 2019 when things quickly fell apart and I had to ask myself if keeping on going or if it was still the best path forward for me. It wasn't.

Like with many 2020 brought a lot of change to my life. I found a style of traditional oil painting that really spoke to how I wanted to create future works that I've envisioned. I took some online courses and I started painting. Right away people started buying up all my stuff. Twice in 2021 I tried getting a collection of paintings together so I had stock for an online store and both times, mostly through seeing my work on YouTube, people bought all my stuff before I could get this webpage up. Already I've sold work all across Canada, all across the USA, New Zealand, the UK and the EU. When I had my farm I felt like I was pushing a rock uphill just to get any movement but with this it has felt easier.

And now we're here. 

I'm on a quest to get as good as I can at painting.

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