***I'm in Thailand from Dec 2022-Jan 2023, all sales paused during this time, feel free to contact me through the contact page if you need anything***

I've always made stuff but in 2014 people started hiring me to draw portraits for them. I liked it but never thought about taking it any further than just doing what came in from referrals. 

Like with many 2020 brought a lot of change to my life. I found a style of traditional oil painting that really spoke to how I wanted to create. I took some online courses and I started painting. Right away people started buying up all my stuff. Twice in 2021 I tried getting a collection of paintings together so I had stock for an online store and both times, mostly through seeing my work on YouTube, people bought all my stuff before I could get this webpage up. Already I've sold work all across Canada, all across the USA, New Zealand, the UK and the EU. 

And now we're here. 

I'm currently working on getting my first batch of bigger paintings together.

There will be shop updates as I get works complete. 

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