A painting has the power to speak to us in ways that go beyond words. When we look at a painting we can have a visceral, emotional response that taps into something deep within. The colors, textures, and forms of a painting can evoke memories, emotions, and sensations that we may not even be aware of on a conscious level. A painting has the power to move us, to uplift us, and to transform us in ways that are both subtle and profound.

I want to make those paintings.

My whole life I’ve loved making things. Through all the twists and turns life has provide me, making and creating have always been there by my side. After being lost in the dark for a long time on what exactly to do I stumbled on to making oil paintings.

I fell in love with it and I wanted to become great at it.

I used all the skills and experiences I’ve had up to this point to commit to excellence and now we’re here.

I don’t make art in a vacuum. It’s meant to be shared with others. Whether you’re here to buy, just to look or a fellow creative I hope you find something you love.

It’s been a crazy journey but since the beginning I’ve been blessed with a supportive community who have invited pieces I’ve made into their homes. I’ve sold work across Canada, the USA, the UK, the EU and New Zealand. I am super appreciative of all the love and support and hope to continue getting better and making works for a long time.


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