Custom Work


People usually suck at choosing a reference photo that makes a great painting. It's not their fault, they just don't know what source material goes into a finished piece.

They'll come to you with what they have and usually it's the only option for the project. I'm trying to make really good paintings and good reference material matters.

I'll need to turn down a project if it doesn't fit where I'm going or if there isn't enough good reference material but I am open in spirit to good opportunities. 

One of my first professional goals is to complete 100 paintings that are as of high standard that I can currently do. I still feel I am in the beginner stage of my career and reps are important to build skills.

I have a 'pre-selected' set of copy-right free images that are to become paintings. I plan on making my way through them until I finish 100 of them.

If you're wanting a piece you can pre-select which photo you'd like me to turn into a painting and I will give you a discount on it.

You can find my 'pre-selected photos' here.

Mostly size determines price but some pieces naturally take longer and prices may need to be adjusted according.

Rush jobs may have an extra fee.

If possible I will try to quote 2-3 different options for you to choose from.


On agreement of "price, size, medium, reference material, and deadline" I will send you an invoice for 1/2 of the total payment.

On completion of the project you'll receive a 2nd invoice for the last 1/2 of the total payment + shipping fees. 




For inquiries email: